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The Wizard

Congratulations on becoming an ARRT Mentor to 2 ARRT Buddies.  I am very proud of you and excited to see how your life will be changed in being an ARRT Mentor

ARRT Mentor

In so many ways an ARRT Mentor is very much like being parent.  There are things which are really fun, easy and kind of common sense to do and then other things which seem almost impossible.  

2 ARRT Buddies

As an ARRT Mentor you will either select or be assigned 2 ARRT Buddies.  In many ways these two individuals will be like your children and you will seek to mentor them into both being powerful ARRT Mentors as you a will learn to be.
Step 1 ~ Get to know your 2 ARRT Buddies
ARRT Group:       _______________________________      We Meet Weekly 
ARRT Buddy #1: _______________________________       Every ___________
ARRT Buddy #2: _______________________________        At _____:_____
It's SOOOO Easy!
Common Sense Steps . . . that most won't do.
  • Call:  Pick up the phone, call them and get to know them.
  • Connect:  Figure out how to give each other mutual benefit.
  • Collaborate:  Figure out how to earn more and work less together.

Childlike Ease

Don't make being and ARRT Mentor harder than what it is.  Do time block 15 minutes a week for each of your 2 ARRT Buddies.  You will still have 10,050 minute left in the week so plenty of time to get other things done.
Life Changing White / Thought Papers
There are over 80 white papers and more being added monthly.  To help individuals grow in the fastest way, with the least amount of effort the white paper library is broken down into phases.  Usually there are 6 white papers in each phase / dimension.   Going through each phase with your 2 ARRT Buddies will help you and them to see greater success in every area of life.
  • Phase 1 ~ Thinking Differently:  Learn to solve challenges / problems quickly be learning to think differently. ~ click here ~
  • Phase 2 ~ $ $ $ Income Machine:  How do we earn the most money AND have the highest quality of life?  ~ click here ~
  • Phase 3 ~ Life Vision:  What is our WHY, our Life Vision, why we were put on this planet?  ~ click here ~
  • Phase 4 ~ My Biggest Challenge Is Me:  Why do we all hold ourselves back and what can we do about that?  ~ click here ~
  • Phase 5 ~ Relationships:  How do we have the relationships that we desire to have?  ~ click here ~
  • ​Check Out ALL The Phases:  ~ click here
Ok . . . it's also really hard too!
  • Call:  Pick up the phone, call them and get to know them.
OK . . . but what do we talk about.  Hmmm . . . how about starting off with reviewing all the information form each other 30 minute Strategy Session?  In seconds you will know what each others biggest challenges are, what each other would love help on, ideal prospect, change about self, hour currently working and would love to work, their personality . . . and a whole lot more.  Review over their passion circle or if they don't have one, then as an ARRT Mentor help them to do that and assist them in the discovery of their Life Vision.  
  • Connect: Figure out how to give each other mutual benefit.
OK . . . but what do we talk about.  Hmmm . . . how about starting off with reviewing all the information form each other 30 minute Strategy Session?  In seconds you will know what each others biggest challenges are, what each other would love help on, ideal prospect, change about self, hour currently working and would love to work, their personality . . . and a whole lot more.  Review over their passion circle or if they don't have one, then as an ARRT Mentor help them to do that and assist them in the discovery of their Life Vision.  
Step 2 ~ Know your Wii-FM & That Of Your ARRT Mentor
To get what we want out of anything we need to know our Wii-FM (What's In It For Me.)  The concept of "Selfless Selfishness" is very important.  When we learn how to be selfish in a selfless way, we will help our ARRT Mentor to see / achieve success as they will help us.  Ideally our Wii-FM should be measurable and have a due date.  For example . . . "I would like to earn $15,000 from my participation by 3/15/xx.

My Wii-FM Is: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

My ARRT Mentor's Wii-FM Is: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Wii-FM white paper - 1st White Paper To Read

To learn more about Wii-FM / selfless selfishness and how to specifically assist people based on their personality / frequency to achieve their goals while also ensuring that I achieve more goals read this short white paper.  IMPORTANT NOTE . . . It is VERY IMPORTANT to do what we call manage Up/Out after reading or even during reading a white paper OR a video.  Talk with your ARRT Mentor about why this is so important and the personal value you will receive as well as the value you will bring to your entire ARRT Team and entire ARRT network.  
Manage Up/Out
* Put the name and the url for whatever you are reading / watching.
   1. What did I LEARN.
   2  What ACTION will I take.
   3. What will I learn NEXT.
Manage Up/Out
* Put the name and the url for whatever you are reading / watching.
1. What did I LEARN. 
2  What ACTION will I take.
3. What will I learn NEXT.
Step 3 ~ Work with ARRT Mentor to create GAR
GAR = (G)oal ~ (A)ctions ~ (R)eview  //  Our Wii-FM is our Goal and because it's measurable and has a due date we now are rock solid as to what we want.  Our next step is to determine what (A)ctions need to be taken to achieve our desired outcome . . . our (G)oal.   Oh . . . real quick . . . in The Wizard network, we do not tell people more than once . . . to do something . . . unless . . . they acknowledge they are below average in intelligence . . . so we've told you to read the Wii-FM white paper twice . . . that won't happen again!  Take great notes . . . . because we don't repeat things!
The Wizard's ARRT Tree for the Blue Team
Setting up an ARRT Tree is so very easy.  Getting people to even be concerned, aware and responsible for their 2 ARRT Buddies . . . is . . . well . . . let's say very difficult.

The Wizard Says . . . 

People tend to be so self consumed / absorbed they do not have any bandwidth to think of anyone else or do anything they are not currently doing now.   
"Helping your 2 ARRT Buddies or connecting with your 1 ARRT Mentor wouldn't seem like it's that big of a deal . . . but it seems to be.  As The Wizard . . . I will be honest and direct that this should be common sense.  Let's not make it harder than it is."
Step 4 ~ Read White Paper on ARRT
Now . . . comes the strangest thing for The Wizard to understand.  People who don't have common sense (seems to be most people) are also very lazy and also lack discipline and listening skills.  They will not know what they should do . . . don't seem to have the common sense to figure it out . . . AND . . . won't even follow simple directions to read the ARRT White Paper.

ARRT white paper

As an ARRT Buddy being mentored by your ARRT Mentor, we hope that you do not have to be told even once by them to read this white paper . . . as we have given you direction to do so right now.  ARRT Mentors . . . if you have to tell your ARRT Buddies to do this, even once, that is not a good sign.  If you have to tell them twice . . . well . . . they will struggle.  If they come up with excuses (what they call reasons) . . . well . . . The Wizard may vaporize them with a spell.  
Alright . . . how are you doing with ARRT?   
Are you ready for Phase 2?  :-) 
Before you move forward to Phase 2 . . .
make sure you are ROCK SOLID with the Phase 1 Checklist!
Phase 1 ~ The Foundation Checklist
  • I Have Memorized the Minutes In A Day & Week:  I have memorized that I have 10,080 minutes in a week and 1,440 minutes in a day and that I have an abundance of time and it is my personal responsibility to steward all that time to give myself and those around me even more time.
  •  I Am A Member Of A Group Using ARRT:​ You are a member of the group, you know the vision for the group and you can see how your personal Life Vision and your Wii-FM connect back into the group's vision for a mutual WIN WIN for everyone.  Congratulations!  
  • I Have An ARRT Mentor:  I am clear as to how my ARRT Mentor brings value to me and I bring mutual value / benefit to my ARRT Mentor.  I am thankful and grateful to my ARRT Mentor for the time, energy and effort my ARRT Mentor brings to me.  
  • I Am 1 of 2 people ARRT Buddies My ARRT Mentor Has:  I realize the power of being FOCUSED on just 2 people to start . . . AND . . . then helping those 2 ARRT Buddies to then focus on attracting and building their own 2 ARRT Buddies.
  • I Need To Discover 2 ARRT Buddies For Myself:  We think we learn more from our ARRT Mentor . . . when in fact . . . we will learn far more about ourselves from our 2 ARRT Buddies than we did from our ARRT Mentor.   If we are ready to learn more, to make a Dimensional Jump . . . then we're ready to Go To Phase 2 and learn how to attract our own 2 ARRT Buddies and become an ARRT Mentor ourselves.  :-)   CONGRATULATIONS!  
Phase 2 ~ Becoming An ARRT Mentor
Phase 2 ~ ARRT Mentor
ARRT is really  very much like a family where we start out as a child (ARRT Buddy) and then become a parent (ARRT Mentor) when we pick up 2 ARRT Buddies and become an ARRT Mentor.

ARRT Ripple

Phase 3 is a about creating many ARRT Ripples.  To create a multi-dimensional affect and not just one ARRT Ripple we need to ensure that the core is rock solid.  We need to make sure that we as an ARRT Mentor are rock solid and that our 2 ARRT Buddies are equally solid to create an infinite number of Ripples, i.e. a Legacy.  :-)   

1 ARRT Mentor

Now that you're an ARRT Mentor you get to do all those things right that you believe your ARRT Mentor messed up with you on . . . hmm, kind of like when we had our own children and we set out to not make the same mistakes our parents made.  :-)   What's cool . . . is that you'll succeed . . . to a point at least . . . where you won't make all the mistakes your parents (ARRT Mentor) made . . . but the sad news is that you'll make ones they didn't make.  :-(  

2 ARRT Buddies

Take a look at the two videos to the left . . . yes, watch them again and SEE if you notice anything different this time around.  We hope you do as that will show that you are a good student and learning.  In Phase 2, The Wizard will help you to learn how to find and develop your ARRT Buddies into your legacy.  
Phase 2 - Step 1 ~ Find / Discover 2 ARRT Buddies (The 1st Ripple)
We asked The Wizard for his secrets in developing ARRT's all around the universe and he had some really interesting thoughts and observations which he hopes will help you.  He said he feels like it has taken him thousands of years to discover these secrets so good to listen to his wisdom to save you a lot of time, effort and frustration.
Select 2 Friends . . . Right?
You can do this . . . buts strangely enough The Wizard says this often doesn't work so well.  Most of our friends think they are smarter than we are (they probably are . . . since they have great friends like we are . . . and . . . well . . . we have dumb friends like them), so they won't listen to us.  It's also very hard to tell friends what we really think of them and/or help them to grow.  Honestly . . . we . . . do not want to put the friendship at risk so we probably won't push our friends or call them out on things.  

It's not that you shouldn't ask your friends, you just need to be aware that it may not work out so well for you with them . . . so up to you.  

ARRT white paper

You should have already read the ARRT White Paper once, but there are so many things that you missed in it . . . trust us . . . you weren't that good of a student when you were "just an ARRT Buddy" so read it again.  Read it this time as if your life depended on it . . . as if the "lives" of your 2 ARRT Buddies do.  When they are asked to read the ARRT White Paper, they will probably read it even less than you do and will learn less than you learned and it will set off what's call an ARRT Progressional Degeneration disaster which will destroy your entire ARRT Tree.  Trust The Wizard when he speaks or you and those around you will experience a great deal of pain.  
Phase 2 - The 5/30 Grid . . . DNA for BUSINESS
If you are not on ActionVision coaching or do not have your own personal ActionVision plan . . . get with it and get on it and talk to your ARRT Mentor about getting on ActionVision or you can call toll free 888.230.2300 or 630.393.9909.

Tom Kunz, one of The Wizard's best friends, past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world . . . when he saw The 5/30 Grid for the first time he said . . . "Wizard, do you know what you have here?"  The Wizard said he thought he did but Tom corrected The Wizard because The Wizard did not.  NOW . . . just to make a note, just because Tom corrected The Wizard does not mean you can.  

Tom said . . . "Wizard, you have the holy grail of business!  Whoever created The 5/30 Grid is a genius, and very likely the smartest person on the planet."  

Now the Wizard knew this could not be the case . . . because obviously The Wizard is the smartest and most humble person on the planet . . . but The Wizard did seek to find the genius who created it.

The Wizard was much younger then and thought that Tom was just being a bit dramatic because that's what Expressive personalities do, but over the next 11+ years The Wizard learned that Tom saw things that even The Wizard did not see.

It's always interesting to The Wizard . . . when people who think they are smart say "I've seen something like The 5/30 Grid before."  The Wizard just laughs and calls them stupid.  If Tom Kunz, international speaker and author, President of the largest real estate franchise in the world, leader who helped Easter Seals raise over 100 million dollars hadn't ever seen something like this before . . . there's a good chance that anyone who thinks they have . . . well . . . like The Wizard says . . . are just stupid.  

The 5/30 Grid

The 5 Areas are like a pipeline, we are only as strong as our weakest or smallest pipe.
The 6 Levels within each of the 5 Areas give us the ability to build a machine to create a movement of people and/or money for ourselves, our businesses, a great cause . . . or anything we want.  
Phase 2 - Step 1-1 ~ Box 1: Identify Targets
    The 5/30 Grid . . . 

Box 1:  Identify Targets

Take a look at The 5/30 Grid and you'll see 
Box 1: Identify Targets.  Also take a look at Box 6: Group People & Messages together.  Do you have everyone you know, in all areas of your life in some type of database where you can quickly reach them in seconds with some type of message?  
Phase 2 - Step 1-2 
~ Box 2: Develop & Deliver A Message

Box 2:  Develop & Deliver A Message

The Wizard is always curious about how people seem to make simple things hard and hard things simple?   He is very direct with most people like this and tells them they are being stupid.  

There are some things which are rocket science about The 5/30 Grid but getting a database in place and then sending something to that database on a consistent basis is pretty simple.  You do not need to be a Wizard to do this.
Develop & Deliver A
Phase 2 - Step 1-2b
~ What Message Do I Send Them?
Box 2: Develop & Deliver A Message
Well . . . that's a great question . . . hmmm . . . The Wizard shares . . . "Send them something, anything, just send them something!"   :-)
There are parts of Box 2, which are magical and are brain surgery, or rocket science. The Wizard's best friend invested 49 weeks and three decades of experience to develop an amazing course you can go through in 7 weeks. :-) It's called "Sticky Messages." It's worth its weight in GOLD. The Wizard says to take the course ~ 2 Wizard Thumbs Up! 
Have fun with the messages . . . and don't worry about getting them perfect.  Even The Wizard isn't perfect in all that he does . . . so don't expect more out of yourself than what The Wizard expects out of himself.

By being in partnership with The Wizard, you have so many resources available to you.  At times it seems like it's overwhelming . . . and it seems that way . . . well . . . because it is.  If you, your team, group or executive leadership team haven't completed one or more of the X-Ray assessments, do that right away.  That will assist you in taking the first step to having an organized way to build your own custom BOS.
Once you complete one or more X-Rays then you're ready for a solution.  In the world of The Wizard there are many solutions available.  One of the most popular solutions is ActionVision as it helps individuals discover their Life Vision and then your ActionVision certified consultant will design and engineer a BOS plan to empower you to live your passions every day and assist you in earning your full potential, while working less hours, having less stress and a greater life balance.  Ask your ARRT Mentor, your X-Ray certified consultant about additional details.  Only great students are invited to participate in the ActionVision system.  Amazing program, systems with tools which will change your business & life.
There are many other possible solutions available through Life Masteries Institute (LMI) which is a 501c3 IRS approved non profit and Legacy Partners and then of course The Wizard has some amazing resources, tools, networks and groups that you can be a part of as well.  More will follow to assist you.  Check out additional messages below.
1st Possible Message
Hey ______________, this is _________________ and I wanted to pass this video along to you and wondered what you thought of it.  Lets connect and have a cup of coffee.
2nd Possible Message
Hey ______________, this is _________________ again . . . and I found another video I wanted to get your thoughts on.  Watch it and let me know what you think.
3rd Possible Message
Hey ______________, this is _________________ again . . . are you thinking what I'm thinking?   When I saw this 1 minute video on LEVERAGE . . . it hit me . . . I thought of you and realized that we could be LEVERAGING our networks, systems and insights a lot better.  Watch this video and let me know what you think.
Other Possible Messages . . . 
The MVP Network is an amazing group of the most talented media individuals in the world and The Wizard is using them and their talents extensively.  Check out one of their libraries of what's called 1 minute MVP videos.  They are Wizard's of video!  Learn to use their library to give you and those around you LEVERAGE and you will have people flocking to you.
Message #4-2
The Wizard loves to LEVERAGE others who are very successful.

"Have you ever read the book Good To Great by Jim Collins?  One of the things I've learned is the 'Biggest enemy to greatness is goodness.'  The biggest enemy to a great business referral partnership is working with good people vs. great people.  

If this message resonates with you . . . then let's connect.  I have a desire, a passion to work with great people and am hoping you may be one of those.  Give me a call.
Good TO Great
Message #4-4
The Wizard is amazed at Coffee Connections and how it can clone success in even average people . . . who "Trust The Integrity Of The System."

"Do you know the difference between networking and mastermind groups?  I didn't but through Coffee Connections I learned some amazing things.

In short . . . in networking I give you a fish and you give me a fish and we both walk away happy . . . but still both being fisherman rather than learning how to farm . . . how to get our businesses to run without us.

Check out this short Coffee Connection video and then let's go out for a cup of coffee, my treat :-) and let's brainstorm if we might want to start our own local Coffee Connection mastermind group." 
Networking vs. Mastermind
Message #4-6
The Wizard uses the 12 Topics from Mastermind Seminars to LEVERAGE drawing people to him.  The last Saturday of each month, in the Chicago Area, there are people from all around the world who fly in to gain his wisdom on the 12 Topics.  You can look like a Wizard as well.

"Are you familiar with 'The 12 Topics from Mastermind Seminars?'  I'm looking for two amazing community / business leaders who would like to put on one of the 12 topics in partnership with a local Chamber of Commerce and/or any other community based organization.  

I believe that we can bring massive value and benefit to the community and grow our businesses / community based organizations all at the same time.   Give me a quick call and lets see if it would bring mutual benefit to both of us and others in our networks." 
Topic 1 ~ The Value Of Systems
Message #4-8
The Wizard loves to see a magical connection in people . . . especially when it happens in 1 minute!  :-) 

"Have you ever connected with someone or something in 1 minute?  

When I saw this video . . . it was weird . . . I felt a direct connection to Jill in 1 minute.  I don't know if you'll feel this same type of connection, but if you do or you think  any of your clients might . . . let's connect over the phone for a few minutes and see if we may bring value to one another.

Give me a call." 
It's Time . . .
Message #4-1
This is one of The Wizard's favorites!  
"Are you looking for more time?  What is the biggest challenge you are facing in any area of your life?  If you had more time . . . would that help you solve your biggest challenge?  

Give me a call and I can share with you how I have learned to think differently about time and that gives me a lot more time.  Let's talk!" 
The Secret About Time
Message #4-3
The Wizard loves women, their power, their energy . . .

"Hey . . . check out this really fun video and let me know if you see what I saw when I watched it.  

You know . . . when I watched what a 15 month old shared about the secret to women was the same secret to serving clients . . . I was AMAZED!  I know people who have MBA's that could not articulate what this 15 month old girl communicated in 1 minute!  

Let's connect to see if we may be able to bring value to one another's businesses and how we seek to serve our clients in the most amazing way." 
What Do Women Want?
Message #4-5
Use "The 7 Steps To Success" like The Wizard does and you'll see magical results, as will those around you.  We'll just give you Step 1, and you can come up with messages for all the other steps.  :-)  The Wizard can't do everything for you.  

"Are you familiar with 'The 7 Steps To Success?'  When I started to use these 7 steps myself and then for all those in my network, I discovered that not only was I seeing greater success and doing so in less time . . . but all my referral partners were as well.  

Would you be interested in working with a whole network of mastermind partners who would refer you a large quantity and quality of business?  Give me a quick call and we can see if it may be a good fit for both you and I." 
Step 1 ~ Examination
Message #4-7
The Wizard is just like everyone else who loves a great story.  There is an entire story of 1 minute MVP videos which will make you laugh, cry, get you excited, motivated and inspired.  They will AWAKEN you!  

"It's kind of a strange question . . . but one that has impacted me a great deal . . . 'What is my life vision . . . why was I put on this planet?  I don't know if this 1 minute MVP video will move you as much as it did me, but if you resonate with Keven King's story . . . give me a call and let's talk.

How do we AWAKEN those around us?" 
I Have Been Awakened!
As you can clearly SEE The Wizard is really connected to so many amazing people and those connections can help you to also connect with more people.

NO . . . in the end . . . having 2 ARRT Buddies will NOT cost you time but will give you back so much extra time . . . it's crazy!

Connect with your ARRT Mentor and share your ideas on what message you will be sending out to those you know, those you don't know . . . really anyone you can connect with.  When you go deep, faster and gain more business from a total stranger than you have a great friend, someone you have  known for years you will have an AWAKENING moment that will be a Mind Blowing experience.  
Phase 2 ~ Step 1.3 ~ Hmmm . . . 
The Wizard has invested millions of dollars and decades of work into things that . . . often people do not seem to be very good stewards of.  

Once we have 2 RIPPLES out with individuals who are very committed to learning to master ARRT, The Wizard and his best friend will then take this and DRIVE it forward . . . based on the feedback, the success and struggles that those in the HOST, Ripple 1 and Ripple 2 will provide.  :-)  

_________________ white paper

What white paper should be next . . . 
Under Construction . . . We are working to add additional resources and 
connections below for your future benefit and value. 
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