Fulfillment Of Roles Is Key To All Our Success
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Role #1 ~ Goal Setter - click here -
Role #2 ~ Follow Up Expert - click here -
Role #3 ~ DRIVE & Discipline - click here -
Role #4 ~ Clear Communications - click here -
Role #5 ~ Accountability - click here -
Role #6 ~ Teacher & Student - click here -
Role #30 ~ The Wizard(ess) - click here -
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What do you want in life?

When we learn how to LEVERAGE things for mutual benefit . . . we unleash human potential.
Are you starting to CLEARLY SEE why ARRT is so powerful?  Do you see how your ARRT Team is starting to gain momentum and will turn into a MOVEMENT?  Let's pick up the pace and all work together to get RIPPLE 3 filled in.

2 ARRT Buddies

Each ARRT Mentor leads 2 ARRT Buddies to grow them to become ARRT Mentors too.


What are the various ROLES within an ARRT Tree and how do we help each member contribute as much as they benefit? When members become experts in their roles it helps them professionally and personally in every area of life.
Every ARRT Member is responsible for CARING & Taking OWNERSHIP of their own personal success AND helping their 2 ARRT Buddies do the same! Simple, easy and powerful!  


You now have 1 ARRT HOST, 3 ARRT Mentors and 6 ARRT Mentors for a total of 7 people committed to your ARRT Team vision.  ~ click here ~


ARRT HOSTS normally will start a mastermind group on some topic. ~ click here ~

ARRT Mentor

ARRT Mentors lead 2 ARRT Buddies to grow them to become an ARRT Mentor. ~ click here ~   

2 ARRT Buddies

Each ARRT Mentor leads 2 ARRT Buddies to grow them to become ARRT Mentors too.
Role ~ HOST
The HOST is the Founder of the group.  This individual, in the end, is responsible for the success of the entire group.  This individual CARES for the overall vision of the group, the vision for each ARRT member and the blending of everyone's vision into something magical . . . when you think about it.  The HOST is like a parent and is responsible to mentor the first 2 ARRT Buddies into being the foundation for the ARRT POD.  

This creates something which will be "Legacy Strong" meaning it will last beyond our own lifetimes.  The HOST will mentor the first 2 ARRT Buddies into caring about the next ARRT Ripple / generation to care more about others than themselves . . . i.e. the magical aspect.  Ready to get started?  :-)   Check out the simple email you could send to your first 2 ARRT Buddies. ~ click here
Goals or Desired Results
My goal to participate in the ________________________ mastermind group is to _____________________________.   
Efforts I Need To Invest
To accomplish this goal, I commit to invest ___________ minutes a week.
Role 1. Goal Setter ~ Wii-FM

Get Off to a GREAT Start!

If EVERY ARRT member does clearly have their Wii-FM / goals clearly identified and SEES how they will achieve it through ARRT, they will stay with the group.
The "Goal Setter" Role #1 is a powerful role in the success of an ARRT Tree. This individual is responsible to help each ARRT member clearly know their own Wii-FM and help them to assist their 2 ARRT Buddies to do the same and use the GAR system to achieve those goals.
Wii-FM ~ What's In It For Me . . ., i.e. Goals, let's be honest we all want and need to get something from everything we participate in.  In business, we need to generate money and we need to gain more time back than we invest in.  This will be different for each team member and Role #1 will assist each ARRT Mentor to develop their 2 ARRT Buddies Wii-FM.  GAR is a great white paper which walks people through setting Goals, determining Actions and Reviewing results.   ~ click here ~ For a great white paper #1-1 on Wii-FM. ~ click here ~  Help HOST, Role #2 and then your 2 ARRT Buddies learn how to do this and then teach them how to ARRT Ripple it out to the entire ARRT Tree without you doing all the work.  :-)
1. List of group in your email group.
2. Minimum of one weekly email sent to full group each week.
3. Minimum of one ARRT Ripple email sent each week.
4. Minimum of 5 minutes to each ARRT Buddy each week.
Role 2. Follow Up / Follow Through

To Succeed We MUST Follow Through

So . . . how well do you think you follow through, from a 1 to 10, with 10 being the best? ______  
If you have set a high goal, which we hope you have then you will need to make a dimensional jump in how well you follow through on things. ~ BACEE - click here
Consistency & Commitment (C&C) + Follow Up/Follow Through is key for success for every ARRT member.  An expert in follow through will help you learn not only to follow through better yourself but will help you to get everyone in the ARRT Tree to follow through like machines.  We all have 10,080 minutes in a week, so one wouldn't think it would be that hard to show we all care for our 2 ARRT Buddies by connecting with them 5 minutes a week . . . but you'll be surprised how hard it is to get everyone to follow through with this throughout the entire ARRT Tree.  ~ click here ~ for #1-2 C&C white paper.   
   > > > For another white paper on follow through.  ~ click here ~
Role 3. D&D ~ DRIVE & Discipline

This is a magical role that benefits everyone

OK . . . now that each ARRT Member will have GOALS (Role #1) and we are solid in our Follow Through (Role #2) now we need the DRIVE & Discipline required to follow through with our actions.   
People will naturally tend to feel they are busy . . . we must break through that.  To create dimensional jumps or better yet quantum leaps we need to THINK DIFFERENTLY and we can't allow "reasons" or life to get in the way of our success.  We all have 10,080 minutes in a week . . . let's be rough on ourselves so our Role #3 team member doesn't have to be!   ~ click here ~ for great white paper #1-3.  
Role 4. Clear Communications (C/C)

Great Communication Is Key For Success

Each ARRT Mentor should be talking and connecting with their 2 ARRT Buddies once a week to help them achieve their Wii-FM (their goals).  The whole ARRT Tree should be connected with once a week with encouragement.  
This is where it gets tricky.  You would think . . . that people would know that they need to work, to take action to achieve what they say they WANT . . . but many individuals don't seem to know that.  People will struggle with doing something new even if it's only 30 minutes a week.   ~ click here ~ for a great white paper #1-4.  Ideally this role will take over the leadership of BACEE - click here - ASAP or oversee it.  
Who do you need to help with Accountability?
- How is your role crucial the function of your business, others' businesses and the ARRT tree itself?
Role 5. Accountability

How Do We Ensure Follow Through?

If we don't follow through there must be consequences.  Most of us give ourselves and others far too much room.
White paper number 1-5 is titled "Self Vaporization" to success. If we don't self discipline ourselves . . . hold ourselves accountable . . . for our own success and those actions which produce success we won't achieve our Wii-FM. If others in our ARRT Team are not doing their part, that affects us all. ~ click here ~ for a great white paper #1-5.  

The stronger, the higher the frequency of accountability, the stronger and more successful the group will be. This really requires using Empower OWNERSHIP - click here and + Quantum THINKING - click here - to succeed. Help each team member take ownership for their role AND then make sure they have the knowledge to do what is needed and internalize it, to achieve their Wii-FM. 
Who can you assist?
Role 6. Teacher & Student

Who Needs Help?  Raise Your Hand.   :-) 

Who is struggling to either know what to do and/or how to do it?  Role #6 will help the ARRT Mentors assist their ARRT Buddies where needed.
How many times do we hear people say "I know what to do.  I'm just not doing it."?   Actually if we Think Differently and say "Everything we're doing, we know what to do and anything we aren't doing we don't..." There are three major reasons we do not DO what we "know" we should be doing.  
   1. Do not know the full benefit of taking action.  
   2. Do not know the full cost of NOT taking action.
   3. Do not know how to get something done with our current level of resources / bandwidth.  

To achieve our own Wii-FM and to help our 2 ARRT Buddies do so as well, we need to help one another become the Best Student In The World.  This empowers us and our 2 ARRT Buddies to follow through on the ACTIONS required to achieve our Wii-FM.  ~ click here ~ for a great e-book #1-6.  

One of the biggest challenges that almost every ARRT Tree has is that people struggle with learning to take ownership.  Most people think they are good at taking ownership, which makes it even harder.  Most people are use to giving excuses and having people accept them.  This role needs to help people realize that maybe they aren't as good at taking personal ownership as they thought they were. ~ click here 


Congratulations you now have an ARRT POD.  Are you as excited as we are for you?  Having a solid 7 individuals who are committed to the success of your ARRT ensures that you will all be massively successful.  ~ click here ~
Be magical . . . use Quantum Integrity, Quantum Thinking, Quantum Drive and Quantum Caring to help this ARRT succeed.
Role 30. Wizard or Wizardess

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  :-)

Role #30 is the most unusual role of all 30 roles and it's impossible to really define . . . but we'll give it a try . . . 
Do you remember "The Wizard of Oz" and how the all powerful wizard was able to give things to people that one should not be able to give?  A brain, a heart, courage . . . This is what the role of this individual is to do.  SEE, The Wizard is not really a member of this group.  They often won't "show up" but are always there.  When they do show up, you often will not understand what they are thinking or talking about as they are Quantum Thinkers and so they don't think like normal human beings, like you and I.  They have all been trained by The Wizard who, based on university studies, proves that The Wizard is the smartest and most caring person in the entire world?  

I know what you're thinking that this person isn't real, but I can assure you that The Wizard is just as real as you and I are.  It is not required, but strongly recommended that EVERY member of EVERY ARRT become a member of The Wizard's Community.  ~ click here ~  If your ARRT doesn't succeed, it's most likely because EVERY member wasn't a member so don't blame ARRT, take personal ownership that you or someone in your group wasn't a member.  

Advanced Lessons ~ click here ~

Goals / Desired Results
Efforts I Need To Invest
All The Roles . . . 

The BIG Picture . . . The Future

In most groups 10% of the people do 90% of the work.  This is not the case for ARRT!  Everyone has a role and if people don't fulfill their role they will either fix it or the ARRT Team will remove them.  Everyone is a GIVER and when we say GIVER we don't mean TALKER, someone who is often nice and everyone likes them and they talk a lot to share how much of a GIVER they are, but maybe not so much.  ~ click here ~ for white paper.
Each role is influenced a great deal by The White Paper Library.  When we master a role within The ARRT Tree, it not only helps us to become a stronger contributor to our ARRT Team, but it also helps us in every other area of life, personally and professionally.  
Everything starts with a Founder as the individual with the vision or the one who is willing to take someone else's vision and make it happen.  Watch "The Founder" trailer.  If we don't Set Goals and then Follow Through with Drive, strong Communication, Accountability and be a great student, we'll never accomplish something larger than ourselves.  
Ripple #3 ~ Roles 7 to 14

Congratulations on having a solid ARRT POD core team in place.  The more solid your ARRT POD is the stronger your Ripple #3 will be. 

Take a list to the video to get a solid overview on Roles 7 to 14.  This will provide you with foundational information as to how this section of the ARRT Tree should function. 

The HOST and the first six members of your ARRT Tree will be equally committed to help build out Ripple #3.  If you really internalize / deeply study The Crazy Dancing Man, you'll see how to create a MOVEMENT.  Our intention . . . our passion to to help each ARRT Ripple / generation be stronger than the previous generation.
Ripple #3 ~ Roles 7 to 14
Role #7 ~ Thinking Differently - click here -
Role #8 ~ Trust - click here
Role #9 ~ Patience the Silent Killer - click
Role #10 ~ Biggest Challenge To $$$ - click -
Role #11 ~ One Company / Not Job - click -
Role #12 ~ Community Partnership - click
Role #13 ~ Life Vision - click here
Role #14 ~ BIG & small - click here
ALL 30 Roles ~ Big Picture - click here -
Ripple #3 ~ Roles 1 to 6 - click here -
Ripple #4 ~ Roles 15 to 30 - click here -
Role 7. Thinking Differently

How do we solve any problem?

Learn to Think Differently!
What is the biggest challenge / problem you are facing?  What are the biggest challenges / problems of those in your ARRT Tree?

Role #7 is all about helping everyone in the ARRT Tree to learn to Think Differently about . . . well . . . everything!  Any challenge, any problem . . . anything that the group needs can be solved by this role.

In this role we help individuals use Quantum Thinking to solve problems which stump most people.  Help each of the first six roles to continue to make dimensional jumps and to move through the Dimensional GAPS faster.  

This role is especially challenging helping people to think differently seems to be one of the hardest things to do.  Getting people to "Trust The Integrity Of The 
System" is key to your success in this role.  Getting people to the point where they are willing to invest $20 a month back into themselves through EC2 ~ Engineered CLARITY Community will make it a lot easier for each team member.  
~ click here - Thinking Differently ~ 
Role 8. Trust


"Trust The Integrity Of The System" & The Right People
Do you ever find yourself trusting the wrong people?  We know we should trust the integrity of the system . . . right . . . but what about when the system fails us or doesn't work?  We often trust others and even ourselves when we shouldn't and don't trust the people / systems that we should.  Why is that?
When there is a failure in any relationship, team, group or in the system, how do we know when that failure is our issue . . . or better communicated . . . how do we know what % of the failure we should take ownership of and what % others should own?  If others do not take ownership of what they need to, then what?  Wow . . . so many questions . . . this role is not only vital to the success of your ARRT, but it seems to be a very complex role as well.  
~ Trust . . . the white paper - click here ~    
~ Empower Ownership - click here ~
Role 9. Patience . . . 
. . . The Silent Killer

We often have never thought . . . 

About how patience may be killing us, or at the least holding us back?  
Great Questions To Ask Ourselves . . . "Do I have challenges with follow through?" "Do I procrastinate?" "Do I struggle with being defensive?" "Do I rationalize my decisions / actions?" "When someone says something to me, do I tend to explain myself a great deal?"  

We often struggle with "Taking Ownership" "Being Self Aware" and "Being Open Minded" and we never even realize it. We don't get a bill for lost opportunities. People will like us if we are patient with them and they will think that we're caring . . . but are we really? As we get deeper into the roles our past and current ways of thinking will be challenged.
~ Patience = The Silent Killer . . . the white paper - click here ~    
~ Why I Choose Not Succeed - click here ~
Role 10. Biggest Challenge . . . To $$$ (Income)

Do we want to earn more money?

To do that, we need to bring more value to people. The fastest way to do that is through their BC's.  
"So . . . I'm just curious, with all the things you have got going, personally and/or professionally, what might be one of your biggest challenges?" 
When someone shares their biggest challenge with us, they are sharing a problem . . . something they have not been able to solve. There is a recognition, at a subconscious level, at a minimum, that whatever they are doing now, whatever knowledge and experience they have, whatever input they have from others . . . really, everything they have / are doing . . . IT'S NOT WORKING! :-)

When we become a problem solver . . . especially when we are solving problems which help others to earn more money, we . . . over time, will earn more money as well . . . IF . . . we are truly interesting in earning more money.  
~ click here ~ for white paper
Role 11. Own A Company / Not A Job

Do You Love What You Do?

If you could be doing anything in the world, would would you do? Would you do what you are doing now?
"Blessed is the person who discovers what they love to do, because they will never work a day in their life."
Unknown Author
Most people would not do what they are doing now. Why? It's because they don't see how their passions, their life vision connects back into what they do each and every day to put food on the table. Why? It's either because they have never completed their passion circle / discovered their life vision OR they have never learned to connect their passions into what they do each and every day.   
"There are a very few people . . . lucky or maybe not, who know what they MUST do in life and will stop at nothing to achieve that."
Ford v Ferrari
~ click here ~ for white paper
~ click here ~ to discover my Life Vision
Role 12. Community / Business

Do we CARE about others?

We think we care. We say we care . . . but do we really care? Maybe not as much as we think we do.
It's interesting how parents think they are really caring because they care for their children . . . when you think about that . . . it's kind of programmed in us to care about our children or grand children.

We care about our friends, co-workers and our clients . . . or . . . do we? Do we tell them the truth when it puts our relationship at risk?  

People talk a great deal about caring . . . and it actually tricks our minds to think, that we do care, when in reality we do not care nearly as much as we think we do. What's sad about this is that it actually hurts us far more than it hurts others.  

Self awareness . . . is something that this role is all about . . . AND . . . learning to truly care, by TAKING ACTION and DOING.   
~ click here ~ for ebook information
Role 13. Life Vision

Discover & Live Life Vision Daily

Do you know what you are put on this planet to achieve?
This role is the heart, mind and soul for every ARRT. What is the Vision for the entire ARRT . . . AND . . . how does every single ARRT member's Life Vision fit precisely into the overall vision? How does every members Life Vision and Passion Circle all connect into one another?  

Is it impossible to achieve our full potential? We think so . . . because it seems to be in the mind of human beings to achieve one level of success and then seek a higher level of success.  

For healthy growing individuals, our passions will grow and expand as we get older. We will become more passionate about more things. Why? As our passions grow so does our life vision. Full discover of our life vision and the pursuit of that vision is something that is what life is all about. 
~ click here ~ to discover one's life vision
Role 14. BIG & Small

The Brain Is SOOO Interesting!

Most people see BIG or small, few can see both.
Do you know what a "Leap Week" is? it's a term used for baby when they make noticeable jumps, like a quantum jump in a week or even a day or even a moment. It's like they can't crawl and then they can. They can't walk, but then they can. They can say something but then they can. They are like sponges and just absorb everything around them.  

What if . . . we never lost that wonderment . . . that sense of adventure, the sense of excitement for learning and growing? How would our minds work? What would our lives be like. Check out this VERY COOL video ~ click here ~.  

WARNING . . . When you learn to think BIG & small, people may think you're bio-polar or worse . . . insane because so few people really know how to do this. Your goal in leading up this role is to help your entire ARRT Team . . . well . . . to be honest, become insane. The second aspect of this role is SEEING & BEING. We often do not SEE what we need to SEE and we often seek to only allow others to SEE what we want them to SEE.
~ click here ~ for BIG & small
~ click here ~ for Seeing & Being
NOTE:   Mark Boersma is not happy with the BIG & small white.  He says that it's crazy how much is missing.  If you push him . . . you can probably get him to give you so much than what is in that white paper.
Ripple #4 ~ Roles 15 to 30
Congratulations on having a solid ARRT CORE group.  :-) 

If the HOST and the first two "followers" did a good job with Ripple #2 and those three individuals are pouring themselves into Ripple #3 then Ripple #4 will start to become a movement.  

Great to get everyone to review over this video again . . . and determine if we are all still on the same page with a passion for the movement.
Ripple #4 ~ Roles 15 to 30
Role #15 ~ Dimensional Living - click here -
Role #16 ~ The Next Dimension - click here
Role #17 ~ Unlimited Bandwidth - click here
Role #18 ~ LEVERAGE - click here -
Role #19 ~ The Secret About Time - click -
Role #20 ~ I Am Overwhelmed - click -
Role #21 ~ Intention & Discipline - click -
Role #22 ~ I Choose To Fail - click here -
Role #23 ~ Follow Through - click -
Role #24 ~ Quantum Thinking - click - 
Role #25 ~ Being Awakened - click here - 
Role #26 ~ Ownership - click here - 
Role #27 ~ Work - click here - 
Role #28 ~ CARE - click here - 
Role #29 ~ FAST & s l o w - click here - 
Role #30 ~ The Wizard(ess) - click here - 
ALL 30 Roles ~ Big Picture - click here -
Ripple #3 ~ Roles 1 to 6 - click here -
Ripple #4 ~ Roles 7 to 14 - click here -
Role 15. Dimensional Living

Life is so precious!  

Birth . . . and when you think about it deeply . . . death is so exciting!   Why . . . because it awakens people to the value of life.
What is the biggest enemy to being great in any area of life?   It's being good.  The biggest enemy to a great marriage is a good marriage.  The biggest enemy to a great friendship is a good friendship.  The biggest enemy to great income is good income.  What do you value in life?  Are you seeking to have something good or move it to great?   To become AWAKENED in ANY area of life, to engage Quantum Thinking the first step is to become AWAKENED . . . and birth and death seems to do that for all of us.
~ click here ~ for Dimensional Living workbook

Watch weekly to be humbled!

Role 16. The NEXT Dimension

The NEXT Dimension Principle . . . WOW!

"What is a higher number a 2 or a 9?"   Most people think "That's an easy question, it's a 9." . . . but is it?  
In Role 15 we learned about Dimensional Living but . . . do we even know what that is?  Most likely, not so much.  See . . . we don't know what we don't know and when we are around people who think like we think we think we know a lot, when in fact we do not.  If there are 10 levels in a dimension, a 10 is not perfect, a 10 is masteries.  Once we hit a 10, we then move to the next dimension and a 2 in the next dimension is higher than a 9 in the previous dimension.  Simple . . . right . . . or is it?

Who Comes Up With This Stuff?  Right?  

They say that the line between genius and insanity is a very thin line.  :-)  Physics was the gold standard for decades . . . and most everyone trusted Physics to be true . . . which it is . . . until you move to a higher dimension which Physics doesn't explain . . . but Quantum Physics does.  To truly become a Quantum Thinker one most be humble.  If you think you are smart . . . watch this video once a week and ask your ARRT Mentor who came up with these 30 roles and connected all this stuff together.  
~ click here ~ for Dimensional Living white paper
Role 17. Unlimited Bandwidth

Do you want more . . . a lot more?

Do you ever feel tired? Do you ever lack energy? Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  
The mind has the most powerful drugs / chemicals in the world. The brain is the part of the body that doctors know the least about. The mind is so very powerful . . . but we won't know the power, learn how to use the power through thinking . . . it's through . . . feel, sensing and being.   
~ click here ~ for Unlimited Bandwidth white paper

What More In Life Do You Want?

Do you want more time, money, energy, passion . . . relationships . . . ? ? ? 
As we continue to see greater and greater success in more areas of our life . . . we gain bandwidth. As we gain bandwidth, we move into new dimensions and . . . we desire even more. LEVERAGE helps us to take everything we have, the 7 T's To Stewardship (T1) ~ Time, (T2) ~ Talents, (T3) ~ Treasure, (T4) Trust, (T5) Truth, (T6) Temple, (T7) Thought . . . and will GIVE us more . . . without any more work or time invested! Seem too good to be true? Master LEVERAGE and your entire world will change.
~ click here ~ for LEVERAGE white paper
Role 19. The Secret About Time

Do you desire more time?

Are you sure? See . . . most people say they want more time but are not willing to make the sacrifices to gain more time.
Mark Boersma, was like most business owners in 2011 where he would work 60+ hours a week and at times get to over 110 hours a week. This was not good for him as he had 7 children, 4 of which were teenagers at the time. Mark's story and journey to gain more time is a most interesting one.   

Through a series of mental challenges, he learned to think about time in a very different way and within three months he had 20 extra hours of free time a week and now takes one week off a month. You may think, it can't be that easy . . . to think differently about time. It really is that easy . . . and it's not. Learning to think differently is one of the hardest things for us to do. Mark shares that gaining the 20 extra hours of free time a week was the easy part. The hard part is what requires a massive amount of hard work and sacrifice which is required to keep the free time. 
~ click here ~ for Secret About Time white paper
~ click here ~ for 10 Short Videos
Role 20. I'm Overwhelmed!

Are you overwhelmed?

From a 1 to a 10, how overwhelmed are you?   If you rated yourself as a "10" . . . how cool and exciting is that?  :-)  
When we deeply understand . . . when we have internalized The NEXT Dimension principle and we hit a 10 in being overwhelmed then we move the next dimension and peace and calm will follow . . . IF . . . we approach this properly.   
Being overwhelmed is actually a good thing . . . as it means we are making a dimensional jump.  In many ways it's like giving birth.  The contractions are going to hurt like crazy . . . but it's a part of life and we can either make it better or make it worse, It's up to us.  It is our choice.   Frustration comes before being overwhelmed, unless someone is maybe clueless and hiding their head in the sand.  

3 Elements To Frustration

  • 1. How hard I WORK
  • 2. How much I CARE
  • 3. My level of EXPECTATIONS 
Most people when they get frustrated they work less, care less and lower their expectations.  This feels great in the short term but we get stuck in the long term and life seems to continue to press in on us more and more until we crash or learn.   We need to be disciplined to learn to work harder, care more and differently and for #3, we first need raise our expectations of OURSELVES, then SYSTEMS we use and then OTHERS.   If we are proactive with this, we will prevent the overwhelm from hitting us in the first place or will move through overwhelm faster.   
~ click here ~ for white paper
Role 21. Intention & Discipline

What's Missing?

As we see greater success in all areas of our lives . . . we can lose track of what's important.  
Talk with your ARRT Mentor about what you learn from this and then ask your 2 ARRT Buddies for their thoughts. Remember . . . we learn more from our ARRT Buddies than we do from our ARRT Mentor . . . IF we are CARING about them as we should be.  
If you go through this and think or say "I get it." . . . well . . . not to be harsh, but you really don't. Yes, you get a certain level of it . . . but not what you need to get to solve your biggest challenge. How can we say this? Well . . . think about it . . . "Your biggest challenge / problem hasn't been solved based on whatever you are doing in your life now. Right?" So . . . this means that whatever you are doing most likely isn't working. If you "Know" you should be doing something, but aren't doing it, there are three reasons.  

3 Reasons ...

... We Don't Do Things We Know We Should Do

  • 1. Don't know the full value of doing it.
  • 2. Don't know the full cost of not doing it.
  • 3. Don't know how to get something done with our current resources / bandwidth.  
Most people when they get frustrated they work less, care less and lower their expectations.  This feels great in the short term but we get stuck in the long term and life seems to continue to press in on us more and more until we crash or learn.   We need to be disciplined to learn to work harder, care more and differently and for #3, we first need raise our expectations of OURSELVES, then SYSTEMS we use and then OTHERS.   If we are proactive with this, we will prevent the overwhelm from hitting us in the first place or will move through overwhelm faster.   
~ click here ~ for white paper
Role 22. Why I Choose To Fail

Does This Seem Harsh To You?

If you have internalized the previous roles then this probably makes sense to you, or with a little help it will make sense.
What is your biggest challenge?   What is your biggest problem?   Do you WANT to fix it?  Are you sure?  
Believe it or not . . . most people do not want to fix their problems?  To understand this we must understand the six chemicals in the brain and how the brain works.  ~ click here ~ In a very weird way . . . we internalize the wrong things and don't internalizes the right things which leads us to a life of quiet desperation.  

What is not being taught in education today is the concept of Progression Delusion Degeneration syndrome or PDD.  It is our ability to justify / rationalize things which destroy our minds and our ability to see things clearly.  

It's our inability to SEE CLEARLY our own flaws and come together with groups of people who SEE the world in a similar way as we do . . . and seem to be clueless that just because there are a group of us that think the same way . . . doesn't mean that we are correct.  

Talk with your ARRT Mentor and 2 ARRT Buddies about the 10 reasons why people talk and start with that as an exercise in revealing how delusional we really are.  
~ click here ~ for white paper
Role 23. Follow Through

Do you struggle with follow through?  Any ideas as to why?

Could it be that you aren't internalizing things well?
Most people struggle with strong follow through and most seem to not give it much thought.  Most people will minimize the cost to themselves and others around them, due to their lack of follow through.   It seems like we become more delusional each and every day.
When people don't follow through, it's a reflex for them to share reasons as to why they don't follow through . . . thinking . . . that when they say the words, those words are true.  But are they . . . or . . . are they a lie to our brains and eventually our brains believe the lies . . . and we wonder . . . why we have the challenges that we do.
If we don't have have a STRONG LIFE VISION and if we don't connect everything we do, through internalization, to our Life Vision then we likely will not follow through so well.  
It seems like surface things are pretty easy to often do . . . but things which bring great deep value to us and those around us often are really hard to follow through with.  
If we aren't following through well, we do not know our Life Vision and/or if we do not recognize the significance we have to the world around us AND how significant our Life Vision is to us.  CHANGE THAT TODAY!
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Role 24. Quantum Thinking

Are you happy where you are in all areas of life?  

If you are . . . then . . . in a way you are stuck and don't even know it.
Quantum Thinking is very different than normal thinking just like Quantum Physics is very different then Physics.  
In the Quantum Thinking world . . . we learn that there probably is some truth to everything which is said and some part which isn't true.  
Are we AWAKENED on a daily basis?   Do we know how to take OWNERSHIP in a way that almost no one in the world knows how to do?  Do we know how to WORK in ways which give us and abundance of free time and zero negative stress and true life balance?  Do we know how to CARE for people in ways which most people never even consider their whole lives?  
If we haven't internalized the previous 23 Roles then we aren't in a position to even try Quantum Thinking . . . unleashing Human Potential . . . ours and those around us.
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When is the last time you had goosebumps ...  

... or maybe saw something in a very different light?  
In Quantum Thinking AWAKENING is really ... the results more than it is the effort.  When we look for goosebumps they usually won't happen.  It's the jumping from one dimension to another dimension where we see something we have never seen / experienced before.   
AWAKENING is really taking personal OWNERSHIP, WORKING and CARING in ways that we never dreamed possible.    
Imagine ... being in a place mentally ... where goosebumps moments where happening each and every day ... throughout the day.  What would our lives look and feel like if that were to happen?  
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Role 26. To Be Developed . . . 

To Be Developed

To Be Developed
To Be Developed