Wizard's Engineered CLARITY!

The Wizard CLARITY . . . 

Engineered CLARITY is critical for us to see success in every area of our life.  Watch The Wizard CAREFULLY!
NEVER before in all of mankind . . . ever . . . has there been a time where you can find more information, more opinions, more research, more people sharing their wisdom in any and every topic you could ever imagine.
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Engineered CLARITY... 

The Wizard and his entire network will help you to find clarity in every area of your life . . . IF . . . you want clarity.  Most people think they want clarity . . . but few will invest the time, energy & trust required to discover True CLARITY.  

Life . . . 

Life . . . is simple in so many ways . . . but also complex.  Often we make things complex which are simple and make things simple which is complex.  The Wizard's Network can help you in every area of your life . . . if you desire to be AWAKENED! 
Current Focus . . . 
The Wizard searches the universe for a topic, something that will change all 7.4+ billion people on the planet and "LEVERAGE . . . The Course" ~ "The Magical Arts Of POSITIVE Motivation & Manipulation" is where our current focus is.  

Certification for 30 MSS

Many have shared that the 30 minute Strategy Session (30 MSS)  is the most powerful and effective interviewing process in the world.
14 minutes of precise questions which will draw others to you and 16 minutes to present the best solution to them.  When you gain magical powers, very similar to what The Wizard can do to almost hypnotize you to your INTENTION to help people & your CAPABILITY, your ability to quickly solve their challenges / problems.  
Professional Life
The Wizard calls this "your economic engine" it's how you put food on the table.
Personal Life
The Wizard refers to "Personal Life" as everything other than your economic engine.
1. An Interesting Question . . . 
What does the following quote from the best friend of The Wizard mean?  "When your life vision is bigger than death . . . you get over stuff."  
The Wizard believes that the most important thing . . . for anyone . . . for everyone on the planet is to discover their "Life Vision" . . . what they were put on this planet for.  
What is your Life Vision?
The top video to the left . . . The Wizard hopes . . . will inspire you to discover your very own personal life vision.  The second video will give you instruction on how you can discover your Life Vision in less than 20 minutes.  
How will I know when I have really discovered my Life Vision?
"You know you've discovered your Life Vision, when you 'hate' your life vision . . . but you can't escape your life vision, as it will pursue you."   Alan Stein ~ http://tanglewoodconservatories.com 
   * Alan is the second best friend of The Wizard
"When you must, at a heart level create a movement to fulfill your life vision."   Mark Boersma
   * Mark is the best friend of The Wizard
Alan wondered why Mark Boersma is the best friend of The Wizard and then Alan discovered why and and shares. ~ click here ~  Alan was the "first follower." 
In an ideal world . . . we want our economic engine to also be directly connected into our Life Vision . . . to our passions . . . but often . . . sadly our our economic engine is not directly connected.
What's strange . . . is that even people who own their own companies . . . often are not doing what they are passionate about.
In the book E-Myth, Michael Gerber points out that most people get into their own business . . . not out of a passion for business . . . but out of a passion for what they do in their business.  What they quickly learn is that most of running a business . . . are things they do not like to do.  
The Wizard in "Engineered CLARITY" will break it down for you in very simple steps.  The Wizard will start out simple and then move to more complex.  As soon as you think you understand something The Wizard is sharing . . . The Wizard will take you to another dimension of thinking and you'll realize that you no longer understand . . . and you become like a young child again . . . and start to SEE things about LIFE from a very different vantage point.
In books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich . . . we are challenged to learn to Think Differently . . . maybe about . . . everything.
The Wizard breaks things down into three areas . . . Owning a business or owning anything which produces your economic engine, Professional and then Personal.
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